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Hi all! Totally thrilled to be here at Wild On Books. It’s my first of many visits, I’m sure. I hope you all don’t mind, but when I blog I don’t typically stay glued to the topic of books. Yep, I’m one of those folks who just kind of goes with whatever is floating my boat at the moment.

And right now, everyone is talking about the Olympics. My favorite events are gymnastics because I used to be a gymnast. But I also like platform diving and swimming. And speaking of swimming, did you all get a good look at Mr. Michael Phelps? Oh. My. Freaking. God! Many a romance author (myself included) were wishing the suit would slip just a little bit.

CAUTION: Click here for Totally Yummy, Michael Phelps Just After Winning The Gold

Then there’s beach vollyball. I enjoy that sport, too. But someone made a very valid point the other day – why are the women’s suits whittled down to almost-bikini’s while the men are wearing big baggy beach shorts and ugly, flappy muscle shirts?

Heck, I wanna see the hotties! So if the women are almost naked, let’s be fair and make the men be pseudo-naked, too? All’s fair in sports, right?

And all that talk about naked men on the beach brings to mind (yes, I have to throw a book plug in there *cheese*) a scene I wrote for a new book recently sold to Ellora’s Cave. It’s called Caramel Kisses and is a Older woman/younger man contemporary. Now, I usually write paranormal erotic complete with vampires, shifters, spirit guides, the whole works. My favorite series that I’ve written is the Vampire Council of Ethics in both eBook and print from Samhain. I also enjoyed penning the spirit guide and shifter books out with Ellora’s Cave (all this stuff can be found on my website at  But Caramel Kisses is my first contemporary, and I must admit, I kinda like the genre.

Back to the scene I was talking about – our hero, Drew, takes his lover, Sydni on vacation. And there’s a scene where she’s just relaxing on the beach. She looks up from her novel to see her gorgeous, rugged hunk-of-a-hero come striding out of the ocean toward her:

Wait, wait, wait! Oh lord, I almost forgot. Before you read the excerpt, or after, I would love to know if you’re watching the Olympics right now. If so, share with us what you’re enjoying, or not enjoying about it. And whatabout the whole beach vollyball thing? Or beach anything, for thing matter? And of course, things just wouldn’t be quite right without a contest, so leave a post about the Olympics or your favorite personal beach adventure (the more outrageous, the better) and get your name in the hat for your choice of one eBook from my backlist. I’ll announce the winner on Friday on The Scoop page on my website.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…


Enjoy this unedited excerpt from

Copyright 2008, TJ Michaels
Coming Soon from Ellora’s Cave
(WARNING: This is a R-Rated explicit excerpt that leaves nothing to the imagination)

So far vacationing with Drew had been a blast. Sydni was having an awesome time exploring the land of The Lord of the Rings. There couldn’t possibly be another place like New Zealand anywhere on Earth. And certainly not another man anywhere like Drew. In addition to arranging the most out-of-the-way accommodations, he’d arranged helicopter tours of some of the locations where the movie had been filmed. The land was wild and untamed in places, bringing to mind certain scenes from her favorite epic film. And she had her own action hero in a rugby player’s body, but with a more stylish haircut.

Sydni leaned back in her chaise and frowned down at the baby powder fine sand underneath her feet, debating whether she wanted to swim and get sand up her ass, or just lay here and watch Drew play. Raising her gaze, she watched her man approach and had to force herself to breathe. As usual.

Rising up out of the waves, Drew dripped sex. After planting his surf board into the sand every step he made toward her sent her stomach rippling up into her throat. The water dripped down his body in sparkling rivulets, leaving wet paths in the downy hair of his bare chest. Packed slabs of muscle bunched and flexed as he wicked the water down and away from his arms. God the man had the most delicious thighs and well-formed calves she’d ever seen on a man. And an ass to simply die for, which happened to be nicely outlined by his soaked swim trunks.

His dark mop of hair was plastered to his head, curling about the ends as he made his way toward her, dripping wet. The dripping made her think of how he made other things…drip.

Yes, he looked great in shorts, and even better in nothing. His chaise groaned as he settled down in it right next to her with a contented sigh.

“Whoever thought sex on the beach was a great idea must have been crazy,” Sydni mumbled watching him try to get the stuff off his legs. It hung on to the fine little hairs for dear life.

“Not crazy, just a fraud.”

“You mean the person who thought of selling it as something sexy had never done it before?”

“Exactly. Who would be stupid enough to fuck on the beach? The last thing a man wants is sand up his cock.”

Sydni laughed, enjoying Drew’s wit. She settled deeper into the cushions of her lounger, more relaxed than she’d been in years. In truth, the man made her feel comfortable. Like an old robe or her favorite pair of slippers, she was becoming so used to his presence, she didn’t want to think of what it would be like without him. Nor did she want to think about breaking in a new pair comfies.

Sigh. Yes, Drew was a keeper.

After a few minutes of trying to read her novel, her attention was caught by a movement from the direction she couldn’t keep her eyes from straying to anyway. Drew had risen and now stood next to her. She looked up and came face to face with a cock pushing against the front of his swim shorts. Oh boy.

Sydni dropped her book, grasped his hand and let him lead her into the house and straight to the shower.

After rinsing the sand from their bodies, Drew snatched Sydni’s favorite massage oil off the dresser and headed for the screened-in private veranda out back.

“Coming?” he tossed over his shoulder. She grabbed a couple of clean towers and scrambled after him. Naked, he lay down on the leveled lounge and held out the bottle to her. “Do me, first?”

No problems there. Touching the man, easing her fingers over those miles of muscles, teasing him with her hands until he went crazy. Yep, she could certainly do him first.

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23 Responses to “Introducing TJ Michaels (woohoo!)”

  1. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    Wouldn’t you know I’m on my way to a client’s office this morning on a service call!! I’ll be back later to chat more… Thanks for blogging with us, TJ!

  2. Natalie S Says:

    Sounds like something I need to read!

    Welcome to Wild on Books TJ! So glad that you were able to make it!


  3. Yosha Says:

    Hi TJ!


    I just picked up the Vampire Council of Ethics books and can’t wait to read them.

    I think beach volleyball is one of the very few Olympic sports where the outfits of the athletes are so different, based solely on sex. Most others wear the same or very similar outfits.

    Thank heavens for the chance to ogle those swimmers bodies in the privacy of my own home!!

  4. Brit Blaise Says:

    I totally agree on the Volleyball teams, men’s verses women’s, it not fair. There were some really cute butt pictures posted on AP today. If only they were of the men’s team…but no speedos.

  5. TJ Says:

    Hi Jenn!!

    Hope your time at work goes well…and fast so you can come play with us! See you soon ;D


  6. TJ Says:

    Hi Natalie ;D Thank you so much for the warm welcome.


  7. TJ Says:

    Yosha-girl! All I can say about the volleyball thing is AMEN!

    Hope you enjoy the world of the Vampire Council of Ethics ;D


  8. TJ Says:

    Wooo Brit! I’m headed over to the AP right this minute! Oh wait, you said none were of the men’s team. Sigh. *tj sulking*


  9. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    OK, before I left home this morning, I DID copy the contents of your blog today to a Word document, which I transferred to my iPaq.

    Then the client was kind enough to keep me waiting in the reception area long enough to read it… LOL Oh my! I was trying SO hard to remain expressionless and/or professional while reading that excerpt… NOT easy, even though I used to act! LOL

    That’s my way of saying the excerpt so worked for me… *grin*

    Oh, and maybe I should start watching the Olympics… I’ve been reading instead, but now I wanna see the hottie athletes too!

  10. SheilaMonique Says:

    Hi TJ :-) I should be watching the olympics too but I’ve been reading or surfing the net instead lol

    I agree with the outfits for the volleyball, if the women wear skimpy outfits the men should be wearing the same or atleast go shirtless.

  11. Emily Bryan Says:

    Re: Olympics

    If we wanted to be completely true to the spirit of the Olympic Games, the athletes could compete as the ancient Greeks did. Naked. Absolutely starkers! Wouldn’t that just rachet up the Nielson rating?

    I’m personally fascinated by the synchronized divers. What they do is amazing enough, but to do it in tandem? Wow!

  12. Ashley Ladd Says:

    Great excerpt.

    I’ve hardly watched the Olympics this year, but I used to shoot archery and ride horses, so I’d love to see those events. I caught a few glimpses of Michael Phelps winning the gold and that was fantastic.

    My favorite beach moment was making out with my boyfriend on the Biloxi Beach on Easter – long before Katrina went through.

  13. TJ Says:

    ROFL!!!! *tj laughing at Jennifer*

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Girl, I’m doing edits on the book as we speak (my editor just cracked the whip so now I have to get my booty in great – lol) and as soon as I have a release date I’ll shoot it to you, darlin ;D


  14. TJ Says:

    Okay, I just want all ya’ll to know that Sheila is my kinda girl!


  15. TJ Says:

    Emily – I hadn’t thought of the original Greek garb! Woot!


  16. TJ Says:

    Hey Ash! How are you, woman? You used to do archery? I’m SO interested in that sport and have never pursued it. I’ve looked into fencing and Japanese Sword, but all I can find are kids classes.

    But you know, I think I’m gonna add archery to my “gonna do or else” list.


  17. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    I think I invited Toby Keith to this when I sent out MySpace invites.

    I cannot believe he hasn’t shown up yet.

    *dramatic sigh*

  18. Cathy M Says:

    I can’t wait for Caramel Kisses, TJ, totally smokin’ excerpt. As for the Olympics, love swimming and gymnastics events the most, though I watch whatever is covered every night.

  19. TJ Says:

    CATHY!!!! Hey woman, how are you? I like gymnastics too. Someone mentioned the platform diving. I got to catch both the men’s and women’s – talk about phenomenal!!

    Good to see you, lady ;D


  20. Pamk Says:

    Hi TJ. I liked the swimming and gymnastics. But don’t get to watch a lot of it. Looks like were going to do better in swimming than gymnastics this time around.

  21. TJ Says:

    PAM!!! How are you, woman! You know, gynmastics was a surprise – we took the gold and the silver! Woohoo! Nice to see you, chicklet ;D


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