We are live!

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Welcome to the Wild on Books blog!  We are now officially live, although we will be tweaking the graphics and whatnot on the site for a little while.  We have reviews posted on the site already, but they are all reposts of old reviews I wrote and published elsewhere previously.

I’ll be posting the first brand new review for the Wild on Books website this week!  Of course, I’ll post a notice on this blog when I do… 

I hope you all enjoy the site, and of course we welcome comments if you have them.

Jennifer A. Ray
Reviews: http://www.wildonbooks.com
Personal: http://www.jenaray.com

2 Responses to “We are live!”

  1. Ro Says:

    Hey There Jennifer:

    Thank goodness Shelley told us all about this site. I can’t belive you weren’t shouting it to the mountaintops!!! (lol) No need being shy around friends who care! I plan to visit often to get the latest scoop! I love what you’ve done with the site and can’t wait to see more.

    CONGRATS! I’m really proud and impressed!


  2. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    Thanks, Ro! I really appreciate that!

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