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        Two specific things are like clockwork every Fall. Kids go to school and TV networks unleash their season agenda.  I don’t know about you, but I look forward to this every year. I type up a schedule of shows, their channel and what time they are on. Then I coordinate it all. With DVR or TiVo, this is an easy process, but even with those, I need to know the schedule. Let’s face it, if there’s a new House or Supernatural on, I don’t want to wait any longer than I absolutely have to.  But this year will be the best.

          What should be really fun this year is that the shows are recovering from the writers’ strike last year. They need to make up for the short, disappointing season we had. Which means, this is the perfect time for viewers. We get the benefits of all those writers letting their creativity rest while they performed other tasks to keep their families with food and shelter. After all, even setting aside all their works, their subconscious was considering their characters.

          Or, at least, that’s how it works with me. No matter how I’m trying to take a break or work on something else, or just enjoy a family get together, my head is still working through my current plot or characters. But how much better the story can turn out after the hiatus!

          This year, I can’t wait to see how Wilson heals after the emotional death of Amber on House. And how will Sam rescue Dean from Hell in Supernatural? How will the Justice League rescue Clark on Smallville? Will Booth and Brennan finally start something on Bones? There are more I watch, of course, but these are the ones I wonder the most about.

Which shows do you wonder about all summer?

          And when it comes to books, which series do you wait months for just so you can see what happens next? For me it is Christine Feehan, Gena Showalter and some of my new favorites: Jeaniene Frost, Yasmine Galenorn and Rachel Vincent. Well, there are so many more, but our lists really get quite long, don’t they?

          One of the greatest moments in a writer’s life, in my humble opinion, is being able to share the next installment of their series. For those who have been following mine, and anyone who would like to begin, here is an excerpt from my December 2nd release, Cursed.   


Jamie Leigh Hansen
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Alex opened his eyes, knowing the bed beside him would be empty, but what he hadn’t expected was to wake up in their dream bed, in their dream room. Usually, when Beth Ann left him, the dream was over and he was abandoned, alone in his apartment, missing her more than ever. Wishing she was real. But the black walls and the burgundy curtains hanging from the corners of their four poster bed left no doubt he was still dreaming.

The candle had burned lower, proof that time had passed while he slept. Rising from the bed, Alex pulled on his dark green sweats and matching AK Martial Arts t-shirt, staring at the door that was always firmly closed and locked so he couldn’t leave, even when he really wanted the dream over. He hated that door.

Scooping up the thin pillar, cinnamon apple pie wafted into the air all around him, filling his senses and his memories. This was the flavor of them, together. Apple pie, home and family, and love with just enough cinnamon to spice it up and make it worth fighting for.

Turning to the door, Alex reached for the handle. It had never opened before, but he had to try anyway. He’d always wondered what was on the other side. Was it escape? An end to the dream? Or would he find Beth Ann? Was she waiting to share more of herself if he was brave enough to follow?

Alex pulled the door wide and stepped out into a forest so thick, so lush, it was barely lit by a moon over half full. Cupping his hand protectively around the tiny flame of the candle, Alex continued forward. The air moved and there was a click behind him. Alex looked back in time to see the door disappearing beneath rustling trees and tangling vines until it was gone as if it had never been.

 Alex stiffened as the atmosphere changed, an ominous chill breeze flowing around him. His stance became looser, more fluid, and more deadly. Blowing out the candle, he set it down before continuing. He stepped cautiously, sliding past dark shrubbery and low hanging vines with broad, thick leaves to a break in the tree line. The clearing was wide enough for a good size campsite, but small enough to reveal a tragedy in detail. Alex jerked a few more steps forward, his surroundings all too achingly familiar. He’d nearly lost everyone he loved here.

Movement brought his eyes to the center and that hellish glowing light brightened around him, trapping him. It was the same kind of barrier that had trapped his friends and left him beating at the light like it was bulletproof glass, helpless to aid them. The light-barrier didn’t come down unless a heart stopped. And it was well known the bitch in the center didn’t have a heart to sacrifice.

He’d only seen Maeve once in a vision of her false death, but hers wasn’t a power to be forgotten. Her hair was the deep, dark red of garnets and her eyes were a bright hard green to match the cursed emerald at her throat. Once appearing broken and beaten, now Maeve stood alive and well and holding a dagger to Beth Ann’s throat.

“Come forward, little healer. We have much to discuss.”

With his heart in his throat and his hands held carefully, visibly at his sides, Alex left the relative safety of the tree line. Beth Ann’s eyes were wide in her pale face as she held absolutely still, her chin lifted to accommodate the blade. Her gaze kept shifting to the sides, but Alex couldn’t look away long enough to surmise her message.

Maeve laughed. “Your hands don’t scare me, Alex. Neither as instruments of your healing power, nor as your puny human excuse for defense.

Suddenly, all sound became silent and though Maeve’s mouth still moved, Alex didn’t know what she was saying. Straining to listen, he even tried to move closer to her, but his body was frozen. Only his eyes could move. Alex searched through the darkness, trying to find the unseen menace. His heart pounded hard in his chest and the blood rushed thick past his ears until the only sound he could hear was his own heartbeat.

Until a voice as deep as the pits of hell, as resonant as his darkest nightmares, spoke in his ear. “I look into the future and this is what I see.”

Like spotlights in the darkness, the trees behind and to the sides of Maeve lit, showing the huddled figures at their base. He should have seen them before since they were well inside the barrier of light, but they’d been shadowed, hidden from his gaze and only now fully revealed.

As the delicate features of each small face were bared to his gaze, Alex fought harder against whatever spell bound him. He didn’t know them, had never seen them before, but they were children caught by Maeve. That alone strengthened his resolve to save them, but there was even more meaning to the scene. More horror to digest.

“They are your future, every single one of them. Including her.” The voice moved until he could see a figure at the edge of his vision. Not a man, but something else. Something black with red embers burning within it, like a fire after it had been snuffed but still smoldered. “They were once my future. Let’s hope you aren’t as foolish.”

Alex followed the blue-eyed gaze to the children filling the clearing. Blond, brunette, glasses, twins, a baby…he counted ten children of varying ages and his eyes widened, swinging to Beth Ann. She didn’t appear a day older than the woman of his dreams, his fantasies. Actually, she’d seemed to age as he did over the last twelve years, as if even his unconscious mind had allowed for the changes time might have cast upon her. The children weren’t theirs, together, but as he watched her gaze shift to each of them, bright with tears and fear, full of love and the determination to save them, he knew they would be.

His future. Alex swallowed, but couldn’t speak.

“You can save them. If your love is great enough.”

With a burst of movement, Maeve struck and the clearing ran red. Screams filled Alex’s ears-his own among them. 

Don’t forget to read Betrayed, book 1 of this new series!



14 Responses to “Series TV and Books – chat with Jamie Leigh Hansen!”

  1. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    Hi Jamie! Thanks so much for being here with us today… And that excerpt is great! I was already itching to get my hands on CURSED, but even more so now…

    As for tv shows I’ve been thinking about… I am dying for the new season of PUSHING DAISIES to start. They have got to find a way for Ned and Chuck (a girl) to touch this year!

    And if the new season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA doesn’t start soon, I’m going to lose my mind… I keep trying to figure out who the heck the final Cylon is!

    The last season of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES was my least favorite, but that cliffhanger at the end made me ancy for this new season.

    Oh, and I’m a new fan of HEROES, so I am really looking forward to it starting up this year! I caught up on all of seasons 1 & 2 by purchasing them from Amazon Unbox.

    Then there is a new series I am soooo ready for. THE SEEKER is based on one of my favorite book series by Terry Goodkind, SWORD OF TRUTH.

    Oh, oh, oh!!! I can’t forget NIP/TUCK!!! I’ll never stop watching that show. Well, I guess if they cancel it I might have to. But that one always keeps me on my toes.

  2. Jamie Leigh Hansen Says:

    Hi Jennifer! Thank you for having me. I love this site. Such pretty colors! Thank you. :) That scene was pivotal to writing this story. :)

    Oh, wow. I think the only show we have in common here is Heroes and I missed a few episodes last season. Pushing Up Daisies looks interesting. As does The Seeker.

    One that I’m looking forward to this winter is Doll House. Joss Whedon will finally be back on TV, this time with Eliza Dushku. She played Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

    I am so glad TV seasons are now on DVD. And complete box sets for finished shows. I have Buffy and Angel, with La Femme Nikita on my wish list. Borders has 40% off DVDs for 2 days. So tempting. lol

  3. Ing Says:

    Sorry so late to the blog but welcome to WOB Jamie! I have not read any of your books but let me tell you I might have to pick it up. The excerpt definitely got me!

    I am looking forward to Super Natural as well. The cliff hanger was pretty creepy. I can’t wait to see what the two brothers have up their sleeves this year.

    I’m also looking forward to Grey’s Antomy. I want to see if Grey and McDreamy will finally make a go at a relationship.

    Can’t wait to catch Ugly Betty and see if she chooses Gino or Henry.

    I’m looking forward to the return of Dancing with the Stars. I love dance shows and this is one of my favorites. I’ll be rooting for Lance Bass.

    Some books that I am looking forward to is Mercury’s War, Lover Avenged, Dark of Night, Taming the fire, and defintely the next Showalter book in the Lords of the Underworld series!

  4. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    Hi Ing! I reviewed Jamie’s first book, BETRAYED last year and really liked it a lot… I still see that one in the bookstores around Nashville, so you can probably pick a copy up pretty easily. Of course, Amazon certainly has it… :)

  5. ReadingIsSoMuchFun Says:

    Hello Everyone & Jamie, first I want to say I really enjoy the excerpt thanks for sharing with us Jamie. Second I had to visit your site and sign up for your newsletter 😉 Third you are a new to me author and I am really interested in reading your books. I am loving those covers and they sound like fabulous reads that are now on my wish,want,TBB & TBR list.

    I don’t watch tv as much but the shows I love watching are Bones, all of Law & Orders, House, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Californication on showtime & Dexter I can not wait for season 3 the end of this month :-)

    Also now there is a new show I have been watching & enjoying. True Blood so loving the show :-)

    I would love to be entered for the giveaway please.

    Thank You,


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  6. Amy S. Says:

    Cursed sounds great! Desperate Housewives and Dancing With the Stars. For the book series, Lora Leigh’s Breeds and Seals, Delilah Devlin’s vampire series, and Cheyenne McCray’s magic series.

  7. Jamie Leigh Hansen Says:

    Hi Ing,
    Thank you for the welcome. :) I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt, too. <g+

    I completely agree with you about the next Lords of the Underworld She’s a genius. I love that series.

  8. Jamie Leigh Hansen Says:

    Hi Amy,
    Thanks. I haven’t read Cheyenne or Delilah, yet, but I’ll sure be looking for them now. :) Lora Leigh is addicting, though. lol

  9. Natalie Says:

    CURSED definately sounds like a book I HAVE to read.

    Welcome to Wild on Books Jamie. We’re so glad you’re here.

    I LOVE books that are part of a series. I pace waiting on series books to come out. Lora Leigh, Lara Adrian, Kenyon, Feehan, Showalter, JR. Ward, Shayla Black. Erin McCarthy has me hooked on her Seven Deadly Sins series and I just know I will DIE if I don’t get it soon. LOL

    We won’t mention my bleeding to death Dr. Sean McNamara of Nip Tuck. If that series doesn’t return soon I am just gonna…have to read more…LOL

    Natalie <–Dramatic much?

  10. Jamie Leigh Hansen Says:

    Hi Natalie,
    Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt of Cursed. Wow, you named a lot of my favorite authors.

    I’m with you on the excitement. Not so much Nip/Tuck, but House last night was a great opener. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles keeps ending on a bang. And One Tree Hill had quite the emotional death/funeral episode, just when I figured no one could do it well anymore. (Not after Joyce dying on Buffy.)

    I told my husband my theory about this season being amazing because the writers had a creativity hiatus. He gave me a look and said, “Yes, I am sure it’s *all* because of the *writers*.”

    I said, “Well, I’m sure the break was good for the actors, too.”


    What does everyone think of the new show Fringe with Joshua Jackson? It’s really intense. I missed the first episode because my daughter and I were on the last episode of the Angel series and couldn’t stop yet. But so far the character are interesting.

  11. Angelique Says:

    WOW!!!! Oh my good gosh, I have GOT to buy Cursed as soon as it hits the shelves. Whew, what a fantastic attention getting excerpt.

    I don’t have tv, I choose to pay for internet instead of satelite/cable and when you live out in timbucktoo countryville….you don’t get even basic cable channels. So…I spend my free time catching up shows online. I REALLY enjoyed the summer thriller suspense on USA….In Plain Sight. The final episode has me itching for the next season. Too bad I have to wait until next June! UGH!!!! I also liked watching Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and The Bill Engvall show on TBS.

    Jamie, thanks for letting us know that Angel is out in the Box set, I will look on Amazon for it for my husband’s birthday next month. He loved that show. We have all 8 seasons of charmed and now I’m waiting to find Alias in the box set.

    I look forward to catching cursed, thanks for sharing.

  12. Wade Zogg Says:

    In my opinion the best tv show of 2009 was family guy ? do you guys agree with me ?

  13. Raleigh Lomonaco Says:

    I love following heroes episodes, it started from boring into a fine tv series now. During the first few episodes, I was like, its just an xmen . But it turned out to be fun to watch, I hope the new season will be out soon.

  14. Turks and Caicos real estate Says:

    “Betrayed” is my fav book. I wish I could see this post way before and had the chance to talk to Jamie, such a good writer! Hope to have the chance in the future to ask her some questions

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