Thanks to Everyone!

Posted by: Todd Hunter

Thanks again to everyone who showed up to discuss “Grabbing the Reader’s Attention” and HEROES DIE YOUNG yesterday. I had a great time, and hope everyone else did as well.

I can already hear everyone out there saying “I wish he’d just get to listing out the winners!”

We had several entries for the e-book and print copies both, and since I hate disappointing such fine, upstanding ladies…I’ve decided to pick multiple winners and give them their choice between an e-book and a print copy.

So, Cathy M (comment 17), Susan Lee Wiener (comment 26), lestopath (comment 28) and OFG (comment 30)…send me an e-mail at (make sure the subject is obvious, so I don’t accidentally delete it as spam!) and we’ll arrange for delivery of your prize.

For those who didn’t win this time around, you can visit to find out more about HEROES DIE YOUNG, or head over to Champagne Books and order your copy today.

2 Responses to “Thanks to Everyone!”

  1. OFG Says:

    w00000t! I won! I won! Thank you!!!!

  2. Todd Hunter Says:

    You’re welcome! Enjoy the book!!!

    And to top off this wonderful weekend, I just found out today that Champagne is offering a 45% discount between now and Halloween on the HEROES DIE YOUNG e-book. So if you didn’t win, you can still pick a copy up cheap!

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