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Posted by: Hope Tarr

Hi All:

I’m thrilled to help roll out the red carpet for Jennifer’s new web site and equally thrilled to chat up my new Blaze, BOUND TO PLEASE.  As you may know, BOUND TO PLEASE is the launch for a new historical miniseries for Blaze, a hybrid in the making.  The Blaze historicals, currently slated for four books a year, aim to marry the super sexy, fast-paced format of the line with the opulent fairytale feel for which historical romance is known.

In BOUND TO PLEASE, new laird Brianna McLeod has had her eye on Ewan Fraser since their impromptu first meeting a decade ago.  Widowhood, a nasty feud between the clans, and the need to bring about peace by bearing a bairn of both their bloods offers her an oportunity to mix “business” with pleasure–lotsa pleasure. 😉

In a delicious twist on the tried-and-true “bride” abduction theme, Brie orders the younger Ewan to be kidnapped and brought in chains to her chamber.  Fortunately for her, though Ewan’s mind may not yet be totally on board (read: stubborn) his body is weak, at least where she is concerned.  But having her wicked way with him is just the beginning.  It doesn’t take long before Brie realizes that, as great as lust is, lust + love is well, just a whole lot better.

I’ve posted a Sneak Peak of both BOUND TO PLEASE and UNTAMED, my “Men of Roxbury House” trilogy finale (Medallion Press) to the excerpt portion of the message board.  Jen also has some signed give-away goodies from me, which I know include a coupla books.

Otherwise, this blog chat is for you.  I’ll be checking back throughout the day so let the questions, comments, and savory snippets roll…

:) Hope





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  1. Lindsey Says:

    Hiya Hope! Always good to see you around the web – you hang out at all the cool spots. :)

    Is BOUND TO PLEASE out now? I’m so excited! I’ll be hunting it down first thing tomorrow. Or maybe right this minute, if it’s in ebook…

    So is it too early to ask what we can look for from you next? And what about the Blaze Historical line – can you tell us anything more about the settings/authors we can look forward to?

  2. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    Hope, thank you so much for blogging with us today! I cannot wait to read BOUND TO PLEASE! I love historicals, and have thoroughly enjoyed the Harlequin Blaze titles I’ve read so far…

    This sounds like such an intriguing plot, with a female Laird – something I’ve not seen before. What inspired this story for you?

    *waves to Lindsey* Hi Lindsey! Thanks for stopping by! Great questions!

  3. Ali Says:

    Hi, Hope :)
    I’ve been looking forward to your Blaze release sine I first read about it in your newsletter :) I’ve already bought it on *bg*
    I can’t wait to get to it… love your cover, too.

  4. Hope Tarr Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Lindsey, Jen and Ali, I’m getting a late start on the morning but I’m delighted to be here. And yeppers, BOUND TO PLEASE has been available via since June 1st, and the books are also now shipping from amazon. Though the official “lay down date” is July 1st, early copies have been seen out in some stores.

  5. Hope Tarr Says:

    Uh oh, my bad. I mis-spelled the company name, not exactly biting the hand that feeds yuh but close enough. That would be

    As for what’s next for me, EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE is due out January 1st. It’s another Blaze, back to contemporary tihs time ’round, and my very first contribution to Blaze’s “Lust in Translation” miniseries. My characters get to jet (think Cessna Citation) to Belize!!!

    Like BOUND TO PLEASE, EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE is a reunion love story which I seem to be writing a lot of these days. In both books, the core message is that love really can be sweeter the second time around–especially when it’s with The One Who Got Away.

    :) Hope

  6. Hope Tarr Says:

    Re the female laird, Jennifer…

    Well, a coupla things led me there. As BOUND TO PLEASE would be the launch book for the miniseries, we wanted to come out strong. Medieval and Scotland fit the bill for favored historical era and place. For plot line, “bride” abduction is also tried and true.

    But in addition to the book being an historical, it was also a Blaze, so I wanted to make sure I fulfilled readers expectations for the line, which revolve around a strong, successful sexually in tune woman.

    So suddenly my little brain starting churning. What if I flipped “bride” abduction to groom abduction? What if I made the heroine the laird, the one with the power and oh yes, a wee bit older?

    And there you have it.

    As for what you can expect next, the current plan is to publish four historical Blazes per year. I know Jade Lee has signed on to write one of those, so youy can expect more of the sensual Asian characters and settings for which Jade is known. Betina Krahn has also signed on. I think Betina’s may be a Medieval but I’m not sure.


  7. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    I’m kind of partial to strong heroines, and I love the idea that she abducts her groom! LOL

    BTW, I’ve been sending MySpace invites while eating lunch, and I accidentally invited Pierce Brosnan and Sting. So, if they show up… *grin*

  8. Hope Tarr Says:

    Pierce Brosnan, you say? Okay, I am so not leaving this chair today…;) Hope

  9. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Hope!

    I Sooo Love the cover of ‘Bound’ and the ‘Men of Roxbury House’ are so tastefully done, they’re just beautiful to look at.

    You must feel over the moon being the first in a new line for Harlequin! Did they approach you or did you have an idea in mind when they came up with the line?

  10. Hope Tarr Says:

    Thanks, Stephanie. It is pretty, I must admit. The talented folks in HQ’s Art Department really outdid themselves on this one.

    And yes, I’d be totally thrilled to be writing these books period but being asked to be the launch is well…quite an honor.

    I’d like to be all about my bad self and claim credit for coming up with the idea but in fact the Blaze historical is the brainchild of Sr. Editor, Brenda Chin. When Brenda approached me, tho, I didn’t hesitate. I said YES!

    I started out writing historicals many moons ago for Berkley, and I still write single-title historicals, most recently my Victorian-set “Men of Roxbury House” trilogy for Medallion Press. Once I said yes, the setup for BOUND TO PLEASE came to me very quickly.

    And the rest, as they say, is history (or at least Harlequin history)…


  11. Hope Tarr Says:

    Okay, ladies, I have to sign off to go be a Single Girl in the City. Jennifer, thank you so much for having me and mega best wishes for the continued success of the site. What a great addition to the blogosphere. To everyone who took time out to stop by and say hi, thank you!

    Also, please feel free to continue to post. We, or rather Jen, will announce the contest winners tomorrow.



  12. Kim Says:

    Hiya Hope!

    I’m so excited for Bound To Please. Yay!

    Have fun and I’ll see you in SF.

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