Sun Stroked

Posted by: Cathryn Fox

As I developed the idea for Sun Stroked not once did the show ‘Fantasy Island’ ever pop into my head.  For those that have read my book, I’m sure you’re shocked by that.

It was a cold winter day and I was sitting at my desk dreaming of being somewhere warm and tropical.   That’s when I decided I wanted to set a story on a hot tropical island, somewhere in the middle of the south pacific.  Then I thought, now what is so special about this island that people would come from all over.  Maybe if it had a fountain of youth, or better yet, a magical elixir that when ingested helps fulfill all your fantasies, sexual and otherwise (after all, I do write erotic romance)   Once I had the concept I thought about my heroines, who they were, and what they wanted.   

After I decided who my lead heroines would be, that I wanted my story set at an exclusive spa, with a magical elixir, I made an appointment to visit our local spa.  I asked a lot of questions and took pictures of the rooms to give me a feel and help set the ambiance for when I began writing….still no Fantasy Island theme.   One question I asked the owner was, what kind of men go to such places?  She said business men, men who are stressed out.  I thought long and hard on that one.  Did I want my three interior designers to hook up with stressed out business men?   Would these men understand their need?

I went home that day and thought more about this.  As I was pulling into my driveway, I grabbed my newspaper and saw headlines about the war, then I looked around at all the men and women coming home at the end of a work day.  That’s when it occurred to me.  I live in a military community, with a wealth of information at my disposal.  My mind started racing and the story began to take form.  I knew who my tortured heroes would be, why they were at the spa and figured out exactly what they needed.  (Still no Fantasy Island theme)   

I needed a proprietor of the island, a man (not unlike Mr. Rourke, apparently) who helped guide these young people and helped them find love.  That’s where Malik came in.  He’s the character who held it all together and spoke cryptic words, showing each and every couple that their magic comes from within.  Hard to believe Fantasy Island still hadn’t popped into my head isn’t it?

So when the reviews started pouring it, comparing Sun Stroked to Fantasy Island, I was a bit surprised.  I sat back and thought about it.  Even though I hadn’t consciously drawn on that old show, it must have been bouncing around in my subconscious.  Then I thought, is that so bad?  An erotic Fantasy Island?  Why not?

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  1. Cathryn Fox blogs with Wild on Books today! | Jennifer A. Ray Says:

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  2. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    Hi Cathryn! Thanks so much for blogging with us today, and congratulatons on the release of Sun Stroked today!

    I have to say that when I read it, I couldn’t help but think of Fantasy Island – a very good thing! But your story is very much its own world, despite that similarity. The characters are what really make it come alive for me.

    I can’t wait for everyone to read this one!

  3. Amy Gallow Says:

    I think every writer has has a similar experience.

    My first book was called “Mitchell’s Run” (It became “Mitchell’s Valley” in the US) and the name was taken from my next door neighbors. Yet, when I researched the location in the Victorian High Country (not far from where “The Man from Snowy River” was filmed) the Mitchell family lived a dozen miles from the location I chose and a contemporary of “Banjo” Patterson, the poet, is often named as an alternative to Jim Craig as the real “Man from Snowy River”.

    I’d bushwalked and ridden over most of the country when I was younger, so it’s quite possible some forgotten memory drove my choices, certainly the country I described is real.

    Good luck with your book


  4. cathryn fox Says:

    Thanks for inviting me to blog today Jennifer!!

    Amy I think you’re right. We do draw on things from our subconscious without realizing it!

  5. Laurie K Says:

    Cathryn –
    I’ve been reading blurbs for months now and just purchased the book this weekend – I’m so excited to read.
    I love hearing how ideas come to writers because it’s unique to all of us.
    Great blog
    Laurie K

  6. Ali Says:

    Ooh, I love knowing where and how writers got an idea for a book. These stories sound wonderful :)

  7. Natalie S. Says:

    LOVED Sunstroked Cathryn! Welcome to Wild on Books!


  8. cathryn fox Says:

    Thanks everyone!!

  9. Greta Says:


    I just wanted to come by and say hi and Congratulations on the release of Sun Stroked. I’ll be reading it soon.

  10. Brandy W Says:

    So great to hear how a story comes about. I just got my copy today and can’t wait to get started. Congrats on the release. 😉

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