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Hi there! I’m so very happy to join in the fun here on the Wild on Books blog today! It gives me a bit of a break from my pressing responsibility. And no, today it isn’t a rambunctious five year old who needs my time, or a mountain of laundry. I’m supposed to be starting my new book. I’m psyched and eager, but at the same time, I’m nervous. 

I always get nervous when I’m starting something new. I think it’s a combination of things. High expectations. Excitement. Mind-numbing fear. Not to mention that niggling little detail—that I have no idea where I’m going with this. See, I’m used to pantsing my way through the first half of my books while I get to know my characters and find out just where they’re coming from. 

It worked really well for me for a while, but now that I’m working on book 4 of my series—The Immortal Series—well…I already know my characters (at least the ones that have been making repeated appearances in the books that came before). They are familiar to me and dear to me. I know what they want, and I’ve already had the time and space to work on their motivations and inner conflicts. 

So why don’t I just get writing, you ask? Good question, why didn’t I think of that? *g*

It should be that simple, and so I wonder if my difficulty lies in the fact that I do know these characters so well and I need to know that I’m doing right by them. I usually have some time before I have to dig really deep into their tortured psyches. After I’ve started writing, it comes upon me in a soft, gradual way, and then I go back and rewrite some things once I’ve got it all figured out. By doing this now, right from the beginning, instead of a month from now, I might actually save a step, but it means a lot more up front and direct introspection than I’m used to. 

I know this question gets asked often enough, but for the writers out there, are you pantsers or plotters? Some combination? But more importantly, have you noticed your writing style changing, developing, the longer you write? 

And for the readers today, what is it about a good series? I think people keep coming back for more when it comes to series because they’re so character driven. Would you agree, or is there something else that draws you to your favourite series? Which authors do it best? 

Before I leave the floor to you, here is my pertinent book and contact info and I hope to see you again soon! 

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Thank you so much for having me today!

J.K. Coi
Immortals to Die For

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  1. Chat with J.K. Coi! | Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    […] author J.K. Coi when she guest blogs with Wild on Books […]

  2. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    Hi J.K.! We are so excited to have you with us today!

    From a reader’s perspective, I am drawn to series with characters I love. When an author sets up the next book in a series by introducing the characters in supporting roles in a previous book, it hooks me pretty well. Make me wonder about these people, make me want them to have a happy ending too, and you’ve got me. :-)

  3. Laura Henion Says:

    Hello J.K.
    I agree with you that it is a great feeling to start a new book and also a bit nerve wracking.
    Your series sounds intriguing and I wish you the best.

  4. Lea Says:

    Hi J.K.:

    As a reader, I return to series that has characters with strength that basically leap off the pages and grab me. That being said, I also think it is the the relationships and plot that the characters are woven into that keeps me returning to a series author’s work.

    Your series sounds facinating, I wish you all the best and will be sure to follow-up with respect to your work.

    Best Regards :smile:

  5. J.K. Coi Says:

    Good morning! Jen, I definitely think that’s the reason why series do so well. When you read a good book, you invest a part of yourself in the characters. You want to follow through, and the idea of a connecting line of books will let you do that. Take a series like Christine Feehan’s Dark books for example. There are more than 15 of them now. If you actually read those books starting with the first one that was released in 1999, then you would have been following these characters–like close friends–for almost ten years.

  6. J.K. Coi Says:

    Laura, thanks for the best wishes. I think I remember meeting you at the NJRW Conference this year! It was so much fun, my first conference.

  7. J.K. Coi Says:

    Lea, you’re absolutely right. And sometimes it’s very difficult for a writer to control those characters who are jumping off the pages–especially if it isn’t their book. The difficult thing about writing a series with characters that will appear in other books is that they all have the potential for being the HERO or HEROINE, but if it’s not their time, then you have to try and reign them in to give the main characters the spotlight this time around.

  8. Lea Says:

    Hi J.K.:

    I just wanted to add, as Jennifer indicated, as a reader, I look for strong supporting characters, woven into an interesting world. However, I get frustrated if there are too many sub-plots which occasionally overtake the main plot resuling in confusion.

    It is certainly appreciated that it is a delicate balance for authors and must be difficult when you have all these characters chattering in your grey matter. lol


  9. Lea Says:


    I live in Ontario too J.K. (I just visited your website!) Your books sound awesome. :smile:

  10. J.K. Coi Says:

    That’s so cool, Lea! Did you get snow too this morning? I was not impressed.

    And I completely agree with your comment about too many subplots. Especially in romance genres, I think that it’s important for the author to stay focused on the main characters. The story should be about them primarily, with the subplots and secondary characters used in support of that, not overtaking their “spotlight” :)

  11. Lea Says:


    No snow. It’s freakin cold though. Oh well that time of year I guess. :roll:

    I’ll keep an eye out for your book signings. My son attends Guelph U. So I travel out that way once and a while.

    Take Care

  12. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    I have to agree that I don’t want the story for the supporting characters to take over the current book’s storyline. And I’ve seen books that were about one couple, but included the romance for another couple as a sub-plot – the complete romance. I have to say I felt like I was missing out a bit, feeling like those supporting characters deserved their own book, but didn’t get it.

    Ick on the snow. I grew up in Florida and live in Tennessee now. Nashville gets colder than I like and it only snows a couple of times a year. I am so feeling for you guys with the colder weather.

  13. J.K. Coi Says:

    Hi Jennifer, if you grew up in Florida, you definitely don’t want to be in Ontario today. Last week you wouldn’t have believed the sunshine and warm temperatures we had, but today is a completely different story, lol. *sigh* I guess it couldn’t last forever–and thank goodness we are prepared this year with a new snow blower YAY!! (The things I get excited about *shaking head*)

  14. Greta Says:

    Hi – JK – I’m not an author so I can’t answer that question. Your books look interesting and I’m definitely adding them to my TBB list.

  15. Chris J. Says:

    Hi JK!

    Great Q & A, as to writers, I am just beginning my first one and I kinda just go with it. Not a plotter, just what they are whispering in my ear and then I have to go back and fill in, edit and all.
    As a reader it is the characters that draw me in and connecting with them that keeps me coming back!
    I love the covers of your books and now they are on my TBG (to be gotten) list!!

    Best Wishes! :smile:

    Chris J.

  16. J.K. Coi Says:

    Thanks Greta!

  17. J.K. Coi Says:

    Chris, good luck with your book and listen closely to those voices in your head. To any other person, voices would probably be a disturbing sign, but for a writer it’s a necessity!

  18. Michelle B. Says:

    Well, I love series because you can really get involved in the characters, storyline, the world created by the author…
    Here are some of the series I follow…Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter & Meredith Gentry series…Mercedes Lackey’s series…Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern, Rowan, Crystal Singer, Acorna series…Christine Feehan Carpathian, Ghostwalker, Drake Sisters series…Delilah Devlin’s Immortal Knight series…Shelly Laurenston’s Pack Challenge/Mane Attraction series…Lora Leigh’s Breeds series…Jet Mykles’ Dark Elves & Leashed series…and several others…

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