Lori Devoti’s 30 Days of Vampires celebration!

Posted by: Jennifer A. Ray

To celebrate the release of her first vampire novel, Lori Devoti is throwing a month-long party at her blog.  She has a different guest blogger nearly every day, starting today, and each guest is posting something about vampires.  Oh yeah, and she has PRIZES too!

The blog can be found here:  http://loridevoti.com/blog/.

The official schedule of bloggers is here:  http://loridevoti.com/blog/30-days-of-vampires-schedule/.  Check this page at Lori’s site for the most current information regarding the schedule, as dates may change and new guests may be added.  The schedule as it stands today is:

Date Author Type of post
November 12 Lori Devoti Kick off and Announcement of Grand Prize
November 12 NOON Central Kerrelynn Sparks Interview
November 13 Maria Lima Interview
November 14 Harlequin Harlequin Employees’ Favorite Vampires
November 15 Patricia Altner Whitby Dracula’s Destination
November 16 Laura Baumbach Turned…Does Gender Matter?
November 17 Irene Peterson The Cold Hard Truth About Vampires
November 18 Jaye Wells Interview
November 19 Jennifer Ray Vampire Fiction, Is it a Passing Fad?
November 20 Joey Hill TBA
November 21 TBA Twilight, the movie
November 22 Kristi Astor Twilight the movie, a review
November 23 Paula Guran As Irish as The Vampire
November 24 TBA TBA
November 25 Marta Acosta Interview
November 26 Harlequin Sneak Peak at Harlequin Vampire Titles
November 27 Cornelia Amiri Fangsgiving
November 28 TBA TBA
November 29 Faith Burnham A Student’s Take on Buffy
November 30 Trisha Telep TBA
December 1 Shiloh Walker The Evolution of the Vampire and Contest!
December 2 TBA TBA
December 3 Alex Bledsoe A Rare Stake
December 4 TBA TBA
December 5 Eve Silver Excerpt from Kiss of the Vampire and Contest!
December 6 TBA TBA
December 7 Margaret Carter Vampires, the natural evolution
December 8 Jenna Reynolds Vampires in Your Living Room
December 9 Gerry Bartlett Interview
December 10 Jennifer Rardin Interview
December 11 TBA TBA

Did you notice Jennifer Ray from Wild on Books is blogging November 19?  :)

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  1. Greta Says:

    Jennifer – Thanks for the heads up on this – sounds really cool!

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