Passion by Tilly Greene

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Passion by Tilly Greene 


Being a fan of romances, we should all be aware of what passion means.  It’s most often associated with love, lust, desire, sex with a capital S.  But do you remember that it can also be how a person feels about something in a non-sexual way.  Gardening, flying, cooking are a few areas people feel a great deal of passion for and can enjoy without having to be naked.  Although they can if that’s the way they like it best. 

There are generally two ways to play within your passion.  Some have found a way to work within the field and others call it a hobby.  In the end, it doesn’t matter how it’s thought of or practiced, these are the things that individualize us.  It’s important that we spend time cultivating our passions, it offers unconditional joy.  

I’m sure there are others who have the same or similar passions to me, but it’s the details in how I play with them that make them mine. 

Traveling, books, and art are a few of the things I like, am truly passionate about, and to have them in my life fulfills me.  They each make up some part of how I spend my days and bring a smile to my face.  These are the things that if I didn’t have a chance to enjoy them, I’d be missing a part of what makes me, me.  

There is, however, one I didn’t mention above that is a particular passion of mine.  It’s been a part of in my life since I was a very young girlie-girl who wanted to wear the perfect dress for school pictures.  As I look back, I’ve come to realize this was beginning of my love of fashion and it remains a passion of mine today. 

Recently I mentioned how, once I finished high school, I took my passion for fashion and formally studied to become a designer.  In fact, I was doing really well until it came to the finals where I had to sew.  It appears the gene needed for sewing skipped by me without a wink or second glance.  

Despite this set back, my passion for fashion didn’t die, it changed.  Every day, I write about women who are successful in an area they’re passionate about.  Who could ask for more? 


When the opportunity to write about not one, but two of my passions, was handed to me, I took it.  Travel, fashion and books have all come together in my Passion for Fashion series.  

That’s right.  Between the covers of Hot Couture are three stories, each set in a different fashion capital around the world [New York City, Paris, and London] and brings the reader along for a virtual vacation.  Each of the ladies are offered an extraordinary once in a lifetime opportunity in their particular area of fashion, which they gladly accept.  One, an accountant, is the muse for a designer, another is a graduate student organizing a show on the history of haute couture, and the third is a jeweler.  The outcome of their extraordinary experiences is more than they envisioned.  After the excitement is over, their lives with the men who love them are changed forever. 

So, there’s a few of my passions and how they’re intertwined, now it’s your turn.  Tell me, what are you passionate about?  What makes you giddy with excitement when you’re knee deep in it?  What puts that special smile on your face that’s impossible to wipe away? 


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Hot Couture is an erotic romance collection [The Leather Bride, Taming Marie Antoinette and The Gilded Cage] now available in ebook/paperback through Phaze, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or your local bookstore.

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  2. Little Lamb Lost Says:

    Hi Tilly,

    You mention one of my great passions. Cooking has fascinated me all of my life. There is great pleasure in being able to pull together ingredients and with a bit of time, effort and heat be able to offer something good and satisfying to friends and loved ones. And of course, I love to eat, too. It is also wonderful to be able to make the types of dishes that I like and not have to pay other people to make them for me. :)

  3. Tilly Greene Says:

    Hiya darlin’!

    Everyone around me can cook and they do it really well. I can’t even follow a recipe and make it work. But you know what, you’re right! There’s great pleasure to be found sitting around a tablewith friends and family, enjoying the food and the company, and worth whatever effort is put out.

    Thanks for the smile :-)


  4. Jennah Says:

    Traveling is one of my passions as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to get enough of it yet. One day….

  5. Tilly Greene Says:

    Hey there Jennah, that’s one of mine as well. The fresh experiences are always so exciting. Love it :-)

  6. Reba Says:

    Hi Tilly…

    My passions are cooking and baking…I love to try new receipes out with my family..My biggest passion is reading..I read everything that I can get my hands on.

  7. Tilly Greene Says:

    Hiya Reba! Long time no see :-)

    I remember the baking thing. You’re a dream mom, baking with the kiddos and surprising them with a treat after school…oh yes, I remember!

    Isn’t reading an interesting passion? It means we can open a book and satisfy some part of us that’s hungry for stimulation.

    Big hugs darlin’ :-)


  8. Dan Says:

    My passion is for drawing. You can check out my MySpace page to see some of it. And drawing is inspired by Romance Novels.

  9. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    Tilly, thanks so much for blogging with us today! What a great topic!

    I am passionate about several things – Books, obviously. I love to read. If a day goes by when I haven’t read at least a little, I am not happy. If several days go by without time to read, I get agitated.

    I love to cook too, and can be very passionate about that, especially when I am cooking for friends or family.

    Music is a big passion of mine also. I love many different genres, and love to listen to it on CD, live, and I love, love, love to sing! I’ll do karaoke stone-cold sober, am one of those Dashboard Divas you see singing their way down the interstate. In fact, I’m usually a little hoarse when I reach my destination after a road trip because I sing most of the way there.

  10. Kimberly B. Says:

    I am passionate about words. That description encompasses my love of reading, writing, and studying languages. I hoard new words like a stash of chocolate bars. I love that English has a word for throwing someone out the window (defenestrate) and for having a nice derriere (callipygian). I love word origins, and I enjoy piecing together the meaning of a word from what I know of its roots. I just kind of a language geek, I guess.

  11. Tilly Greene Says:

    Hey there Dan – give us your link so we can check it out. I’d love to see art inspired by romance novels…it’s another view. Using your hands and mind, together with creativity, is so satisfying :-)

    Wow, Kimberly, those are two words I’d never heard of! I get the love of words, specifically word origins. Language geek is a fabulous person to be :-)

    Hiya Jennifer! First, thank you so much for having me here on Wild on Books, it’s a great place to spill my guts about passion and find I’m not alone in what I love to do :-)

    Now, music, yup, right there with you…and I’m someone who has no rhythm or memory for the words. None of this matters because music is without boundaries. The listener is free to express themselves and who couldnt’ love that! Now, I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to see a video of you doing your thing…I bet there’s a huge smile on your face while you’re letting the pipes go!


  12. Mina Gerhart Says:

    My passions are Metal Detecting (My perfect man would be a fellow detectorist who looks like a young Indy/Han Solo!)Romance (Of ANY sort), Music and cooking (Usually PA Dutch!)
    I’m definitely not a fashion sewer either

  13. Tilly Greene Says:

    Ooo, Mina [hiya – lovely to see you!], I grew up at the beach and seeing what the metal detecter folks found was amazing! I totally get why that would catch your attention.

    Hooray for another member of the Ladies Who Can’t Sew Circle.


  14. Jodi S. Says:

    My passion is reading! I love to walk along the beach too or just sit on the beach and listen to the waves. I enjoy baking, but don’t do it too often.

  15. Tilly Greene Says:

    Hi Jodi!

    The pleasure of a good read can’t be surpassed and sitting at the beach, watching the waves, it’s pure zen for me. Oh dear, reverting back to my roots there. Nevermind…I can spend weeks, months, an eternity at the beach, with a good book in my lap, and my mind slipping seamlessly between them both.

    Lovely…you guys all have such great passions! I’m basking in them all.


  16. Jennifer A. Ray Says:

    You know, I have no video of me singing! I was on the news in Jackson, Mississippi once singing Fleetwood Mac’s DREAMS. Sadly, that was back in 2003 and the clip was long ago removed from the news station website…

    I’ll have to get some video next time I do karaoke. My new camera has a video recordr. :)

    Dan, we would love to see your art! Yes, please post your link – if you don’t mind. *shameless begging* I have always wished I were a good artist, and never have been, so I am in awe of those who are.

    As for sewing, I have been able to do most anything I’ve put my mind to, but sewing is beyond me. I can mend a seam, sew a button on, but if you ask me to break out a sewing machine or do something with patterns, I can’t do it. Yet I can take a PC apart and put it back together no problem. LOL

  17. Cherie K Says:

    What makes you giddy with excitement when you’re knee deep in it?

    well books and My Little Ponies. they where one of the only things that I got joy from when I was kid and they hold a special place in my heart.
    and being wraped in my hubby’s arms.

  18. Tilly Greene Says:

    Dang Jennifer – you’ll have to have someone tape you using your phone! That would be so cool. With your blonde hair, I have no doubt you make a great Stevie Nicks. And, a big welcome to the Ladies Who Can’t Sew Circle…buttons are easy but we cringe at hemming. Is it horrible I don’t even own a sewing maching?

    Hiya Cherie!

    I imagine there’s quite a collectible crowd clamoring for My Little Ponies and hunting them down could be fun. In fact, I’d bet your hubby would be most pleased to find you one to give you another jolt of joy! As for books, shoot, I can’t imagine what it would be like if we couldn’t read and reread a good story that sent us soaring to another place.


  19. mel Says:

    Hey, Tilly! Late to the party, but ready to play:)
    I love to cook. I made my first batch of spaghetti and meatballs at the age of seven and have been cooking over 30 years. I get more excited about a grill than my husband does, lol.
    And reading and writing. If I am having a bad day, I can escape to another place, another time…and writing, well, it might not be a passion but a sickness, lol. Or maybe an addiction.

  20. Tilly Greene Says:

    Hiya Mel! You’re never late darlin’ :)

    Grilling? Hmmm, you should have a chat with my cutie – he’ll grill anything and does it very well. In fact, we splashed out and bought the bbq that uses propane to hurrying up the charcoal lighting.

    I think you put a pin in the center of “passion”. There’s a very thin line between it and addiction. We have to do it, there’s no walking away from our passions, not and be ble to keep ourselves intact.

  21. Appolonia Says:

    My passion is interior decorating.
    I’m the crazy woman in the paint department collecting hundreds of sample cards. I change my walls every six months. I hang and rehang pictures and mirrors and plates and stuff you never knew you could hang on a wall. My fav wall is over my bed, where I duplicated something from a catalog that sold for $700: six shadow boxes with calligraphy patterned paper within, and seashells I found on the beach mounted inside. Spent $23*grin*. And please don’t hate me… I can sew. But I prefer to staple things if I can avoid needle & thread. My furniture is all hand me downs, freebies from neighbors, what’s being thrown out, cheap things from yard sales. I paint and decoupage & rearrange & reupholster…. I love trims and tassels& nailheads & spray paint and making custom lamps from sculpture & pottery & baskets & books– I could go on and on. I rearrange my friends’ furniture & take us shopping & ogling model homes & showrooms.
    Oh! don’t even get me started on the windows. And what I did with the deck & patio outside….
    Oh yeah, I like to read too.
    Especially decorating mags!And romance, of course!

  22. Tilly Greene Says:

    Appolonia – what a passion! Not only are you being creative but reusing what’s already been made and making it your own is FANTASTIC! You use power tools, don’t you. No hate here darlin’, just my utmost respect and awe!

    Mags feed the need while you can’t be active in your passion and I bet, like me, you pull pages out or dog ear pages for ideas to use later.

    Happy decorating :)


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