Plagiarism incident update – EDson Financial Group

Posted by: Jennifer A. Ray

Monday morning I faxed my VeRO forms to eBay regarding the three reviews of mine that EDson Financial Group plagiarized.  Monday night I received an email from eBay asking for more detail concerning the issue.  I replied this morning with links to where I’d posted my reviews at Amazon and where EDson posted their stolen copies of them at eBay. 

So far, I’ve heard nothing more from eBay and the reviews are still up at eBay.

In my reply with the additional detail, I urged eBay to examine all of this member’s activity, as the issue extends far beyond my three reviews, and has a current count of 223 reviews, all of which appear to be plagiarized.

Meanwhile, more and more bloggers are spreading the word regarding this issue:

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My blogs – Although each blog post is identical, they may have different comments.  I’m posting links to each so it is easy for interested readers to find them and read others’ comments on the issue.

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I’ll update this list as I learn of more blogs on this subject.

Take care, everyone!

Jennifer A. Ray


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  1. Kathleen Says:

    Great list, thanks! Glad we’re spreading the word. J. Kaye’s book blog posted about this here:

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