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Author Bio: Award-winning author Emily Bryan learned much of what she knows about writing from singing. A classically trained soprano, she gleaned the elements of storytelling while performing operatic roles. She and her husband have lived in nine different states, but she now makes her home in the heart of New England. Emily is available for signings, readings and writing workshops. To schedule events or for more info, please visit



Happy Chinese New Year!


Thank you, Wild On Books, for letting me guest blog on this auspicious day. I know this blog is primarily about books and I do have a new one coming out, VEXING THE VISCOUNT (February 24, Leisure Books), but since today is Chinese New Year, I thought I’d celebrate the day a bit.


As I understand it, one of the first things the Chinese do to celebrate the new year is to clean their houses thoroughly.


OK.  We’ll let that thought go.


The next way they usher in the new year is to placate the kitchen god with food.


Hmmm. I don’t have a kitchen god, but I do have a DH who’s been presented with plenty of burnt offerings over the years. Perhaps that counts.


As a romance author, I have to consider the possibilities of using food as seduction. You know, chocolate and strawberries, whipped cream teddies, oysters on the half-shell for stamina and all that sticky, sexy, yummy fun.  In VEXING THE VISCOUNT, my hero and heroine share a late night supper while she’s masquerading as a French courtesan. Eating together can be a very intimate, very sensual experience.   


But my DH is the practical sort.


If I want to show my husband I love him with food, I make meatloaf. It’s his favorite dish. Even if we go out to eat, no matter what fancy or exotic dishes are available, if there’s meatloaf on the menu, that’s what he’ll choose.


When you think about it, making meatloaf really is a type of seduction. By making meatloaf, it shows I’m paying attention to what he likes–the first rule of seduction. Then there’s the labor-intensive thing. Making meatloaf isn’t something I can just toss together at the last minute. I have to plan ahead and take the time to grind up the ingredients. It means I’ve been thinking about him. That’s always seductive. There’s no way to stir up meatloaf with a spoon. You have to smoosh it up with your hands. Very sensual.


Now meatloaf may not work for every man, but for my husband, nothing says lovin’ like a fresh meatloaf in the oven. It works every time it’s tried.


Hmmm. Wonder if there’s time to whip up a meatloaf tonight?


Here’s the recipe:

1 1/2 pounds of ground beef

1 large potato

1 carrot

1 onion (vidalia, if possible)

1 egg

1/2 cup of Heinz 57 sauce (or whatever ketchup type sauce you prefer)

4 ounces of grated cheese


Grate the potato, carrot and onion and mix with the rest of the ingredients in a large bowl, reserving half the cheese and sauce for later. Shape into a loaf and place in an ungreased baking pan. Spread the remaining sauce on top and sprinkle with the rest of the cheese. Bake for one hour at 350 degrees.


Serve while wearing a sexy nightie and let the meatloaf work its magic.


Think of me while you’re celebrating Chinese New Year!


And please think about checking out my newest release VEXING THE VISCOUNT! It’s a tale of deception, trickery, treasure-hunting, mistaken identity and general mischief. NightOwl Romance just named it a Reviewers Top Pick and The Huntress calls it a “wickedly fun read.”


Visit to read an excerpt, learn more about what’s in a courtesan’s closet, what she might share in her private journal and what love and life was like in Roman Britain. While you’re there, sign up for my newsletter so you’ll know what I’m up to on a semi-regular basis. 


Thanks again, Wild On Books, for letting me visit with your readers. I’m giving away a signed copy of VEXING THE VISCOUNT to someone who leaves a comment or question. So drop me a quick note to be entered in my drawing and be sure to check back tomorrow to see if YOU are the winner!





*************************************************************UPDATED CONTEST WINNER******************************************************

Sorry I’m so late at posting the winner today, ladies. My youngest daughter had an MRI this morning and I went to the hospital with her.

Since my DH was at work when it came time to choose the winner, I pressed my oldest daughter into service and had her pick a number between 1-16. #5, MARIE, you are the daily winner. Please send me your mailing info through the Contact page at

Thanks again, WildOnBooks, for having me here! You have a terrific site and I loved the way my cover looked against your chocolate background! I’ve got you bookmarked! But the blogtour marches on. Today I’ll be at talking about Daisy Drake’s use of fashion to gently deceive Lucian Beaumont, our hero in  VEXING THE VISCOUNTinto letting her help him find the Roman treasure he seeks. And you’ve guessed it! It’s all about . . . the SHOES!

Come on over and leave a comment or question. You’ll be entered in a daily drawing to win a signed copy of VEXING THE VISCOUNT 

18 Responses to “Please Welcome Guest Author Emily Bryan”

  1. Jane Says:

    Happy Chinese New Year. Wearing red will scare away the evil. People clean their houses the day before the new year to sweep away the bad luck of the previous year.

  2. Ing Says:

    Welcome to WOB Emily. Sorry about all the confusion this morning! Thank you so much for the meatloaf receipe and Happy Chinese New Year to you and everyone else too!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Your recipe sounds delicious, just the thing to make on a cold New England afternoon. Great stuff!!

  4. Nynke Says:

    Happy new year! It doesn’t quite feel like new year’s day here, but maybe that’s a good thing ;). And this blog is a very nice place for a party – it looks like a swish lounge bar! And also like chocolate. A good place to be :).
    Love the meat loaf recipe; I don’t think I’ve ever eaten meatloaf in my life, but it sounds yummy and easy to make!

    Thanks, Nynke

  5. Marie Says:

    Your meatloaf recipe sounds good. I’ll have to try it on my DH someday :)
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  6. Jane L Says:

    Emily, Happy Chinese New Year to all! Hmm my DH loves my meatloaf and I make it often, but lately he loves my veal parmesan, I just learned how to make it and he is hooked! My cooking abilities are limited, but my baking is awesome! LOL!!

  7. Emily Bryan Says:

    Jane–I knew I liked the color red!

    Ing–Hey! It’s Monday. A little confusion is almost required! Thanks for having me here!

    Rachael–I’ve used the recipe to sneak more veggies into my family’s diet too. Once summer when my friend accidentally grew so much zucchini in her garden, she was leaving bags of the stuff on stranger’s doorsteps, I tried grinding up zucchini in the recipe and no one even knew it was in there. When we went through our “poor” years, I could stretch a pound of hamburger into next week, just by adding more veggies.

    Nynke-I’m with you. Chocolate says “party” to me!

    Marie-Thanks for stopping by.

    Jane L-If you can bake, you’re not at all limited. The best thing I ever make for dinner is reservations! 😆

  8. Julie Robinson Says:

    Hey Emily!
    I must have stopped by too early this morning. Your recipe looks manageable, even for me. My dh is a meat and potatoes man, so he would like this recipe. I’ll have to try it in the next week or so after I go shopping.

    Food can be seductive, not just in the way it’s made and administered, but just in the cooking of something that satisfies your man. I notice that my hubby is always more lovely dovey when he sees me fixing steak. And he’s more romantic after he’s satisfied with some meat. :mrgreen:

    So it’ll be meatloaf on the menu.

  9. ReadingIsSoMuchFun Says:

    Happy Chinese New Year! I love meatloaf and guess what that is what I am making tomorrow 😆 It’s my fiance’s favorite as well. You’re recipe sounds yummy I may have to try this one 😉


  10. Emily Bryan Says:

    Glad you came back by, Julie!


  11. Afshan Says:

    Happy New Year Everyone!
    Thanks for the meatloaf recipe and it Sounds like a great plan, i’m going to try it out on my DH really soon.

  12. Emily Bryan Says:

    Just remember to wear the sexy nightie! It makes the meatloaf work everytime! 😉

  13. Julie Robinson Says:

    True! I mustn’t forget that I am the dessert!! 😛

  14. Virgina H Says:

    Happy Chinese New Year! Meat loaf is not my husbands dish but he will eat it. I have never heard of putting patatoes in a meatloaf but I may try your recipe, it sounds good!

  15. Emily Bryan Says:

    You can use any root vegetable you want, Virginia. I’ve ground up zucchinis, turnips, whatever. A sneaky way to add vegetables to a man’s diet.

    To paraphrase Frozone’s wife on THE INCREDIBLES: “We are the greatest good our DH’s will ever have!”

  16. Sue A. Says:

    Gung Hay Fat Choy! “Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year.”

    Love the recipe! I sneak carrots into my hamburger patties also.

    How about the recipe for a favorite dessert next!

  17. LuAnn Morgan Says:

    Meat loaf is one of my favorite dishes! Everyone loves it in my house.

  18. Ing Says:

    Emily we were happy to have you here with us. Glad you enjoyed your time at WOB! Come back anytime!

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