Hi, I’m Ali :)

A bit about myself… I enjoy reading, running, reading, writing, reading, going to Starbucks, reading, watching movies, reading, catching up with friends, oh, and did I mention, reading? lol

As for my taste in genres, well let me tell you something… when I was younger, reading books like The Giver and Wolf by the Ears, I would always look for the romance. Wondering if Jonas (from The Giver) would end up with Fiona or if Harriet (Wolf by the Ears) would end up with her best-friend. Um, as great as they were, that wasn’t even what these stories were about, lol. That pretty much tells you what genre I prefer, lol.

I just love reading romance novels and live for happy endings. When I discovered YA Romance novels, I was extremely happy. And, I can still remember the first ‘adult’ romance (an old Harlequin Romance my stepsister gave me) I read, and the first one I bought, Second-Best Wife by Rebecca Winters (a funny story about that, for another time). Later on I discovered e-books, through Lora Leigh, and suddenly a whole new world opened up for me.

I do enjoy reading outside of the romance genre, as well. I’ll try just about any book out there in any genre. I just love books and nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by them 😉